AdGuard 7.2 Pro Full Free Download

AdGuard is a great program to block unwanted ads, as well as improve security while on the Internet. Unlike browser extensions, it installs into the system and filters many applications at once, be it browsers, players, torrent clients, Steam, or Windows applications. AdGuard consists of the following modules: anti-banner, anti-tracking, anti-phishing, parental control and extension module.


Antibanner , as the name implies, blocks intrusive advertising. Here you can configure various filters and subscribe to filter list updates. By the way, the necessary lists are automatically added depending on the languages ​​of the sites you visit. For example, the program will not enable Russian-speaking users to turn on any Chinese filters by default and thereby slow down page loading.
Anti-tracking  protects your data and personal information from online counters. In this module, you can slightly mask your IP address, replace the Referer header, User-Agent, block some browser APIs, and apply other interesting settings.
Antiphishing protects you from malicious and phishing sites. That is, most likely you will no longer be able to enter your login and password on a site that has disguised itself as a social network or other resource.
Parental control provides a simple and reliable way to protect children online. In search engines popular sites will not appear with inappropriate materials, and indeed access to such sites will be limited. Here you can also enable protection against downloading exe-files so that your kid does not install any muck on your computer. Black and white lists are available, as well as AdGuard password blocking.
The Extensions module allows you to expand the functionality of websites by installing custom scripts. In fact, this is a replacement for the extensions Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey and the like.


General information:

Type: installation
Languages: Russian, english, multilanguage
Treatment: free 180 days (comss), trial reset
The program can be updated to any (release, beta, nightly) version

Command line parameters:

Silent installation: / qn
Shortcut on the desktop : INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT = 1
Selecting the installation location: INSTALLLOCATION = PATH

INSTALLLOCATION = PATH should be indicated with the latest and without a slash.
For example: setup_file.exe / qn INSTALLDESKTOPSHORTCUT = 1 INSTALLLOCATION = C: \ MyProgram

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